song idea 3/20 – two versions

March 23, 2007 at 7:58 am | Posted in instrumentals, mellow folk, octave mando, song ideas | 1 Comment

so I’m in love with my new octave mandolin. once again, many thanks to Michelle and all those who contributed to this best of all birthday and Xmas presents. I feel like this instrument is the one I’m made for (not to be overdramatic…)

anyway, I just had the bridge replaced and it’s sounding better than ever. I feel like it is very well suited to the kind of music that I’ve been gravitating toward — melow folky type stuff, and when I sit down to just noodle, good things come out (and bad things too, but I let those go by). if they’re worth keeping, I record them for later use. so here’s two similar versions to the same progression. it’s just a simple fingerpicking thing on G and D chords (I think…havent taken a look at chord stuff for it yet, and I’m not good at just knowing it).

oh and the song idea disclaimer: these are VERY rough ideas, always containing mistakes of some sort. I’m probably not even in tune (a challenge for the OM especially). if/when I flesh out a final song, it would surely sound MUCH better.

so here’s version 1 — a little happier than the next one with a tiny bit of a lilt.

and here’s version 2 — sounds more minor to me. reminds me a little of “she cant complain” — a depressing (yet good) song that nickel creek does (has anyone else noticed they got REALLY depressing in the end — due to personal issues no doubt). this is a product of the new bridge — I never would have let the G string ring out before, b/c I could never get it in tune.

now that I’ve been listening to these a couple times, I realize that perhaps they can be squished together to make one song? I feel like I’d want to make it go somewhere else in betweeen before I was happy with it, and then perhaps come back to the first part in the end. I think adding a regular mando part in there would be nice too. a big thrill for me would be to put some of my song ideas together enough to play with others and have something even better emerge. maybe soon.

anyway, this is here mostly for my own purposes, but if you’re here I’d LOVE some constructive feedback.


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  1. nice Bob…very nice!

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