my first “real” song: Lover and Friend

May 17, 2007 at 1:03 pm | Posted in favorites, mellow folk, song ideas, songs with words | 4 Comments

back in college I wrote some simple/silly blues songs, which were fun, but nothing really to be proud of. I do wish I still had them written down just for the nostalgia, but oh well. but last night I finally put together what I’d call a “real” song, all of my own.

the words are from a poem I wrote in college about 9 years ago. I was in a poetry writing class and we were to write a villanelle (the most famous example of this form being “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night”). so I chose to write one about the night Michelle and I fell in love — Covenant’s spring banquet at Rock City. there’s a long back story here, but suffice to say that I was in denial about being in love, but the poem clearly shows that I was (the word “lover” was not in the original, so it wasnt THAT obvious). anyway, this remains one of the very few things I’ve written long ago that I actually still like.

so I’ve been wanting to write a song in general, and specifically I’ve been wanting to write a song for Michelle. I often have a hard time letting her know just how much I love her, so I thought a song would be good. so I thought of my old poem, and since its in a lyrical form, I figured I could try to set it to a tune.

the poem is about a waltz, so of course the song itself needed to be a waltz. mama was out yesterday evening, and as the kids were playing I started noodling in 3/4 and I was surprised how quickly a tune came that I was pretty happy with. it has hints of “the times they are a-changing” which is also in 3/4 time. so I worked on it for a while and put down the chords on paper (G,C,D,Am) and sang it for her last night. and she really likes it. she even said she thought the tune was rather catchy.

I want to work in it some more and maybe get the guys to play with it too and then maybe try a little recording of it. until then, here’s the words to “Lover and Friend”

Lover and friend, full of beauty and grace,
In three-quarter time you don’t mind the rain,
Laughing and dancing in spinning embrace.

With black dress swirling, a curl in your face,
You playfully try to lead once again,
Lover and friend, full of beauty and grace.

Now missing a step, the downbeat we chase,
The one-two-three pulse we slip, then regain,
Laughing and dancing in spinning embrace.

My eye searches yours, sees barely a trace,
Of the forthcoming frustration and pain,
Lover and friend, full of beauty and grace.

But tonight in this mysterious place,
Your smile and delight I seek to sustain,
Laughing and dancing in spinning embrace.

Oh for the power to pause time and space;
Take away sorrow and let this remain:
Lover and friend, full of beauty and grace,
Laughing and dancing in spinning embrace.

update: here’s a recording of it.



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  1. Bob, I don’t know if you’ll remember me; we were at Covenant at the same time, and I found your blog while surfing on chattablogs. I just had to leave a note and tell you that I think this song is so beautiful. It made me cry (happy cry, of course!). I hope you do record it!

  2. hi rachel…yeah I remember you! thanks for stopping by and thanks so much for your kind words. I hope you are doing well.

  3. I remember this poem! Wow, that takes me back to the college days. But it is still absolutely beautiful and I think it would make for a very fitting song. Can’t wait to hear it!

  4. thanks Julz! I’ve got an MP3 of my solo version here. band version to come hopefully soon.

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