if I had $20k

May 24, 2007 at 3:42 pm | Posted in aspirations, gear | 2 Comments

I had a strange dream last night…a bunch of us were on some sort of game show and we all took home various amounts of cash. I remember Jeannette G took home the big haul: $200,000. I came away with a more modest sum: $20,000. I think I was planning on giving away half of it to our church building fund (which thankfully has been blessed with enough pledges to cover the cost, by the way), but a big part of the dream was being excited about buying some music gear. I think I went to Jake’s store in my dream too and I remember talking about getting an electric guitar, bass and amps. but even armed with a good deal of money I’m still too cheap to buy the high-end models, plus I’m not good enough to justify it, so I’d probably stick with something like:

a guitar like this or maybe like this if I was feeling generous to myself
maybe an amp like this (not that I know much about amps)
a cool bass would be nice and some sort of bass amp of course
of course I’ve always wanted an upright bass
might as well get a nice mandolin while I’m at it, or maybe one like this if I’ve run out of funds by now. and we would of course need to upgrade the octave mando too.
and if there’s anything left, an electric mando could be cool too…

a guy can, and will, dream…right?



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  1. Dream yes, buy no! :) I’m hoping your octave will help you last a long time till you get another instrument! But it doesn’t hurt to dream.

  2. yes, I’m VERY happy with the octave, dont worry. but I’m still sorry I got rid of the old electric guitar and bass.

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