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June 23, 2007 at 6:13 pm | Posted in aspirations, celticish | 3 Comments

it’s not really a fife, but she likes to call it that. Michelle has taken to playing my old penny whistle that I got in a very cool store in Vermont about 10 years ago. that summer I had fun messing around with it and made up a couple tunes that I might still remember, but I havent played it in a while.

but it turns out that Michelle used to play the flute (and lots of brass instruments too). I’ve never seen her play, but she was apparently pretty good. she’s been wanting to play and sing music together and somehow stumbled on the old penny whistle, and it was a snap for her to pick it up. so now we’re combing our books for good songs in the key of D, and were finally able to jam a little today before work (on saturday…yuck).

her success on the whistle inspired her to drop off the old flute at Jake’s store for repair, so hopefully soon we can play in any key together.

so this should be a lot of fun: me on the irishy octave mandolin and her on the whistle…we’re looking forward to playing a lot on vacation. hopefully we wont drive everyone crazy.  



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  1. Yeah I’ve wondered about playing in VT. I mean if we play on the deck I bet everyone on our circle, not to mention the lake will be able to hear us. We’ll see :) I’m hoping that maybe the flute will be done before vacay.

  2. Oh yeah, and it just makes me feel so irishy to call it a “fife”. I mean just saying that word is fun. I mentioned something to Sarah about finding me a cool penney whistle in Ireland when she’s there.

  3. hey brass… we need to get together with the brass master Jim Pettit sometime and practice a piece for church.

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