July 2, 2007 at 5:12 pm | Posted in aspirations, song ideas | 1 Comment

my only goal for vacation this year is to write a song. it doesnt have to be good, but it want at least one song. probably about family times at the lake in Vermont, and probably cheesy, but that’s ok.

as for other music stuff on vacation, we’ll probably go to a bluegrass festival and I’ll probably attend their mandolin workshop (with the octave, which will probably generate some attention), so that should be cool.

we havent left for vacation yet but we’ve got most of the words for the song down. I wrote most of it yesterday and Michelle helped out with a few lines and adjustments. now to find a tune that works for it, and merge them together.

another update: I tried but never found a good tune for the words we’ve got so far. maybe it’ll come later. but I did enjoy playing under the trees and recorded a couple little snippets of song ideas. the recordings are fun b/c you can hear the water and kids playing and such.


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