playing on the bridge

July 27, 2007 at 8:10 pm | Posted in mellow folk | Leave a comment

the other night Michelle had a girl’s-night-in, so I needed to leave the house. I thought it would be nice to go out to the walking bridge and play a little music, so I brought my octave mandolin down. everybody asks “did you do it for tips?” no, I didn’t want any tips. even if I was good enough to earn people’s dollars, I’d say save it for someone who needs it. but I had fun noodling while watching the sunset. there weren’t too many people there on a nice Tuesday evening. the vast majority ignored me, as I would expect, but there were a few who I noticed out of the corner of my eye stopped and lingered a little while. and I saw a couple people I knew from church.

after a while I walked to the other side of the bridge and ran across Lee, an apparent regular bridge-musician. he knew a lot of different songs, and was a pretty good guitar (and harmonica) player. he kindly allowed me to pick a little with him, so we did a little Tom Petty (not great), White Stripes (pretty good), Dead (OK), Dylan (not bad), Blues Traveler (not good at all for me at least), some blues in A (a lot of fun) and my favorite: the chimney sweep song from Marry Poppins. when he said here’s one in Bm, I groaned a little, but it turned out not hard to play and really enjoyable. I always like gentle songs with a walkdown, and that one has a nice lilt to it.

so I helped him earn a couple bucks and had a good time. next time I’m kicked out of the house I’ll probably go back.


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