don’t pray for me

August 13, 2007 at 6:27 pm | Posted in favorites, song ideas, songs with words | Leave a comment

there’s a hard situation I’ve become aware of, and it inspired these words. 

here’s an MP3 of my first attempt at a tune. somewhat bluesy. please excuse my poor singing and playing. my friend Mitch is going to try to write a tune for it too, so we’ll see which we like better.

any ideas for improvements are welcome.

don’t pray for me

pray for her, she’s 2 blocks down but a world away,
not even 18, a mouth to feed, and another on the way.
nobody who cares, nobody to make things ok,
Hard to find a reason to hold on another day.

don’t pray for me, don’t pray for me,
I’m taken care of and I’m already free
don’t pray for me, don’t pray for me,
there are those ‘round here with a greater need.

pray for him, her boy just 3 years old,
no daddy to teach him how to live in this world,
mama’s doin her best, but that aint goin so good,
just tryin to keep him fed and out of the cold.


pray for her, she’s so tiny and so weak,
they’ll kick down the door, stop her little heartbeat,
she’s got nowhere to go, why cant anyone see?
please, dear God, wont you bring her to glory?


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