non-annoying kids music, part 2

August 20, 2007 at 10:34 pm | Posted in aspirations, church music | 1 Comment

a while ago I issued a plea for non-annoying kids music, and got a lot of good suggestions from folks. yes, “Here come the ABCs” is pretty cool.

I havent actively searched in a little while, but I havent yet found kids Bible songs that I would consider non-annoying. so I’m thinking I’ll take the matter into my own hands and do it myself. with some help, of course.

I’ve already made some simple recordings of the kids favorites — just me and the guitar, playing “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy” and such pretty straightforwardly. Caleb thought it was pretty cool to hear daddy singing through the car stereo, and there was a time where he insisted on me and only me in the car. cute, but I think mama got tired of me. I dont blame her.

so I’ve been thinking of getting the folks from the church band to lay down a track or 2 each time we get together, so after a while we’d have a pretty good collection. I’m hoping to end up with a somewhat folksy and fun style that kids would like and parents would hopefully be OK with too. we’ll see how it goes. any suggestions for songs or other ideas would be great.


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  1. Look for “Why not sea monsters?”. Justin Roberts recorded two albums of Christian kid’s songs before he went into generic kid’s pop.

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