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August 20, 2007 at 10:21 pm | Posted in lyrics only, song ideas | Leave a comment

As mentioned before I wrote the words for a song about our family vacation spot, but didnt get the tune down yet. I still havent figured out a tune, so I guess that makes this a poem for now. I just dug it back out so I could show my grandma, who is mentioned in the 3rd verse.

I think I like the words except for the last part, which I thought would be chorus at one point, but now I’m thinking a bridge kinda thing at the end, or just ditch it alltogether. as I get a little older I dont mind being a little cheesy, but I’m feeling like that’s a little too much. we’ll see if it works out in the end.

so here’s the words to “Bomoseen Memories” (subject to change, pending tune)

Dad taught me how to fish
Off the dock and under that tree,
The same place he learned himself,
The same place he’ll always be.
The old willow might be gone,
But Bomoseen still remains:
The fish, the flies, the flowing water
Running through his veins.

Four generations and counting,
We’ve come to this mountain lake,
Those before us worked so hard
To give us this fine place.
We drive a thousand miles
Just to sit beneath the trees,
And laugh and play and drink and swim
With all our family.

Now we watch our children
Laugh and play just the same,
They don’t yet know the stories
But our memories remain.
Gram will always be here,
Grandpa’s spirit will never die,
And now it’s up to us to teach our kids
The how and why.

The red of the cottage,
The blue of the water,
The green of the mountains,
The white and black of the trees:
These are the colors of my warmest memories.


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