8 years

August 28, 2007 at 12:11 am | Posted in mellow folk, song ideas, songs with words | 1 Comment

Today is our 8th anniversary. woohoo! to mark the event, I wrote Michelle a song, which I’m happy to classify under “sappy love songs.” she likes it, so that’s all that really matters. but it would also be nice if it was a good song that would be worth listening to, so we’ll see about that.

Here’s a rough cut of me singing a version. I’m not too thrilled about this tune, since it doesnt seem to do much, but it’s a start.

The words are below. I’m not sure why I fell into a limerick style of meter, but there it is.

8 years (to Michelle, from Bob, on our 8th anniversary)

Years ago when we were just kids,
I grinned and I tried not to fall.
I looked in your eyes,
You gave me a smile,
I couldn’t help but give you my all.

Holding hands while the world swirled around,
They sang us a song and we cried.
I couldn’t yet see
Just how it would be,
But I knew you’d be here by my side.

That was the day that our story began,
The happiest day that I’ve known.
Your beauty still grows,
And my little heart knows
What it means when two become one.

8 years, 4 homes, and 2 kids later,
We’re still learning just how to love.
With each day that flies by
Let’s look to the sky
‘Til our hearts are perfected above. 

Happy anniversary to my lover, best friend and soul-mate!


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  1. Good work, you love sick fool :)

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