my wife rocks, and soon I will too

August 28, 2007 at 8:52 pm | Posted in gear | Leave a comment

I just got back into the land of the electric guitar, and I’m loving it. I’m not very good yet (except for the minor pentatonic scale) but it’s a lot of fun. but I dont have an amp yet, so I’m borrowing one. but I’ve had my eye on a small one that’s a good value, and I was thinking maybe for Christmas.

when I got my new job and a nice raise that comes with it, I was thinking of celebrating by getting the amp a little early, but I didnt say anything. I know we’ve got a lot of stuff to pay down. so I figured I could wait and borrow stuff for a while.

but Michelle is very good to me. today is our anniversary, and she gave me some music I’ve been wanting (scripture songs set to contemporary, somewhat folky tunes). we’ve both been getting more excited about playing music together, so the new album was very appropriate since it’s songs we might like to try to play. I was very happy, but she didnt stop there.

she did her research, even called Mitch at work (he got me back into electrifying my music) to make sure she had the right one, and she headed to the music store today, with full intentions of surprising me with the new amp. but unfortunately she was thwarted, so came home sadly empty-handed. when I got home, she spilled the beans, so we plotted together how to get me the amp today, much to my delight. I called Humbucker music (the best music store around — and owned by my friend Jake) and one of the guys told me yes, they had that model for that price. so I was off! but I was thwarted too! they were out of stock. bummer.

so yes, my wife rocks, but I’ll have to wait until next week. it’s so encouraging to me that she’s so into me making music and exploring new things, and even better, she’s excited about playing and singing with me too. I’ve been very acoustic for a while, but I’m looking forward to rocking out a tad. soon. very soon.


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