How Great is our God

September 6, 2007 at 10:03 am | Posted in church music | 6 Comments

the song we’re doing for church this week is Chris Tomlin‘s How Great is our God, with a little bit of “How Great Thou Art” thrown in. we’ve got a new addition to the group in Chris C, who introduced me to the song. she and Megan harmonize very well together.  so here’s our version. Jim will also be joining us on bass for the service, but he’s not on this recording.

we don’t often do “praise song” type songs, but this one works well I think. we reduced some of the repetition to shorten the length of the song, as we tend to favor shorter stuff for our intro-to-worship slot. we may try to teach the congregation this one soon, and I imagine it’s somewhat familiar already since it apparently gets a lot of radio play.



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  1. who’s the female vocal?

  2. Chris C on lead and Megan hamonizing.

  3. Very nice… Chris’ voice fits this piece quite well.

  4. very nice, I loved it, makes me want to come to your church this Sunday, but I guess our unit chaplain wont be very thrilled about that. It sounds really good Bob.

  5. Have the Chaplin take a field trip! We used to do it all the time. We visited each others churches often on Sunday morning drills – it was truly one of the redeeming things to drill weekends.

  6. I will tell him on monday when he RSTs. It is actually the chaplain assistant who does most of the work and we only get 30 minutes of ‘Church’ time. when I first joined the unit, they let you go to your own church or to a church you wanted.

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