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September 6, 2007 at 9:29 pm | Posted in experiments | 3 Comments

as reported earlier Michelle got me a new guitar amp, and I finally got it today. it’s a lot of fun with some basic effects built in, such as echos and reverb and such, not to mention presets like “metal” and “insane.” rock on. I got a very basic little clip-on microphone for our acoustics, and Caleb was having fun rocking out a little. I’ll have to post the video of that.

so I was trying different stuff out and I pulled out my grandma’s little old Yamaha “portasound” keyboard, which has all kinds of cheesy beats and sounds. good fun. WAY too much fun when that stuff is sent through the amp and the effects are added and its overdriven a little. yes, it’s still cheesy, but I was having a grand old time making stuff that you might hear at your local Old Navy or Express.

so here’s the results of me messing around with the “disco” setting, so these go out to Ed — one of the few people I know who still enjoys disco. they’re pretty crappy, but not a bad display of the possibilities. the problem I’ve got now is I’ve got only one output, so I cant hear what I’m recording to line-out, so it’s all a bit random, not that it really matters (I just need a simple splitter to solve this problem).

but I’m loving the edge of the keyboard when on the “jazz organ” setting and it’s overdriven a little with some echo thrown in too. maybe someday I’ll make something listenable, but for now, here’s 2 samples: Old Navy 1 and Old Navy 2

and while we’re making strange sounds, here’s a fascinating and mesmerizing sound from a musical top that Michelle’s parents had. we both love it! I will make this an intro to a song someday. 



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  1. heh heh… memories of 8th grade.

  2. so the top has harmonica-type wind slots in it and changes pitch in the same way each time? Or is it random?

  3. yes! it’s completely 8th grade and lots of fun. come by to jam sometime :-)

    it does the same thing each time. it’s one just like this:

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