4 song ideas

September 7, 2007 at 9:58 pm | Posted in instrumentals, mellow folk, octave mando, song ideas | Leave a comment

I was sitting and noodling on the octave mandolin this evening and came across a couple things I wanted to get down. before I was done, I ended up with 4 different ideas. this is mostly for my own benefit so I dont forget about these, but if anyone else cares to take a listen here ya go. I messed up a setting so there’s a lot of static, so it sounds a little old-timey, which isnt necessarily bad. and as usual, these are very rough, 1-take, no fixes, give it a name without much thought, just get-the-idea-down-and-move-on kinda clips (enough disclaimers?).  onward:

Variations on a simple tune – I might make this into a vocal melody sometime. sounds a little like an old hymn to me. we’ll see if it works as a vocal or not.

Content – this is something I’ve been playing on and off for months. this isnt a very good take, but I’d hate to lose it. this is definitely the type of thing I’ll sit and noodle on for a while.

Slightly Sad – I’ve only recently started messing with minor-key stuff on the octave, and I’m liking it. this one reminds me of a slightly sad Leo Kottke song called Parade (if I dont say so myself…)

A slight jam – I dont usually play this kind of stuff but it was fun

someday, I promise, I’ll do something with these and others. meanwhile, I’m having a good time getting the ideas down. 


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