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November 17, 2007 at 11:41 pm | Posted in experiments, song ideas | Leave a comment

with Sufjan on my mind, I of course was thinking about the banjo. we’ve got a banjo in the house that belongs to a friend, and a while ago I was trying it out, but I really dont like the standard tuning of a banjo. but I have thought it would be cool to play a tenor banjo, which is tuned in fifths like a mandolin. then it dawned on me: why not try to tune what we’ve got down to a mando type tuning and try it out. fortunately it actually worked, so I noodled a good long while with some of the type of stuff I’ve been doing on the octave mando. it was good fun, and yes, it’s made me want to get a tenor banjo some day.

so here’s one of my banjo noodlings.

and here’s a guitar idea I was playing with earlier this evening.


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