The Shepherd’s Song

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I got the idea to write a song from the shepherd’s perspective in Luke 2. I’m always struck by the fact that every time an angel appears, people are apparently scared out of their minds, so that’s where this got started. I havent wrote the tune down yet, but in my mind there’s old cowboy-style picking, and/or kinda like the Carter family. something that evokes life out on the range and around the campfire, since in my imagination they’re pretty much old-school cowboys. hopefully soon I can nail down a tune for this. here are the words so far. there’s a couple rough spots, but overall I’m liking it. I’d love any feedback with ideas for improvements, etc.

update: here’s a rough recording.

update again: got the chords in there now:

The Shepherd’s Song – By Bob Wiegers – 12/2007

(G) Twas a moonlit night, million (C) stars in the sky,
(G) Another night camped on the (D) hill.

(G) Another long day had (C) faded away
(G) And everything got (D) suddenly (G) still.
(Em) The sky exploded with (Am) light,
(Em) We were sure we would (Am-G) die.
But a (Em) strange voice said: (Am) Don’t be afraid!

 (G) Good news! Great joy!  You’ll (C) find in a boy:
 (G) The Savior, Christ the (D) Lord!

(G) He’s in King David’s town,  Go (C) worship him now.
(G) The One who was (D) promised is (G) born

(G) I was still afraid and (C) rather amazed.
(G) The night sky was bright as the (D) day

(G) I thought I was dreaming but the (C) angel was gleaming,
(G) Talkin bout (D) mangers and (G) hay

(Em) And quick as a bolt, the (Am) one became thousands
(Em) Each bright as the sun, and (Am) singing as one:

 (G) Glory to God in the (C) highest!  (G) Peace to those whom He (D) loves!
 (G) Glory to God in the (C) highest!  (G) Peace to (D) those whom He (G) loves!

(G) I wanted to ask just (C) what all this meant
(G) But quick as they came they were (D) gone

(G) So we all decided to (C) go down and find him
(G) To worship (D) Messiah the (G) Lord

(Em) The sheep had all fled, but (Am) we didnt mind
(Em) We ran down the hill to see (Am) what we could find (singing)

 (chorus 2)

(G) We searched the whole town but he (C) couldnt be found in the
(G) places a king ought to (D) be

(G) But then we remembered the (C) hay and the manger
(G) And found them, a (D) young fami(G)ly.
(Em) They looked tired and (Am) scared,
(Em)Asked why we were (Am-G)there.
We (Em) told them our story, and (Am) glimpsed at God’s glory.

 (chorus 1)

(G) So we danced in the streets telling (C) all that we’d meet
That (G) Jesus, the Savior was (D) born.

(G) Go worship Him now here in (C) King David’s town
(G) A baby, our (D) Savior, the (G) Lord!

 (chorus 1, chorus 2) 


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  1. great words! Hope you come up with the music so you can sing it to us at Christmas.

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