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January 5, 2008 at 4:20 pm | Posted in listening to | Leave a comment

I was going to do a most-played songs list, but I almost always listen to things by album, so they’re almost all grouped together. so here’s my list from this past year, some songs, some albums:

1. (song) Clap Your Hands – They Might Be Giants – we sometimes do dance parties with the kids and put this one on repeat, so it’s at the top of the most-played list

2. (album) In the Company of Angels II – Caedmon’s Call – a worship album heavily influenced by Indelible Grace that I listened to over and over for a while, and keep coming back to. top track: Draw Me Nearer (we did this one in church)

3. (album) All I Owe – Matthew Smith – an Indelible Grace spinoff. pretty much same story as above. top track: Thy Blood Was Shed For Me

4. (song) Keep Your Distance – Buddy and Julie Miller – I’m still in love with Buddy and Julie’s version of alt/country, and this is a great track that I tried to learn to play with the guys from my old work. the song Rock Salt and Nails off the same album isnt far behind, and we hack at that one too when we jam.

5. (album) Coil – Toad the Wet Sproket – this album is pretty old but there’s lots of good tracks on it. I listened to a lot of Toad (and Glen Phillips) this year because I love Glen’s songwriting and they do just the right amount of rocking out for me. top track: Throw it all Away (“burn your TV in your yard” — classic line)

6. (song) Be Still – Bob Wiegers – this is my own song that I worked on for a while, so I’d listen to it over and over to see what I could work on.

7. (album) Beams of Heaven – Indelible Grace – still a huge influence on our church music especially. I’m looking forward to getting the new album very soon.


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