Lullaby Medley

February 6, 2008 at 12:07 pm | Posted in family, instrumentals, mellow folk, octave mando, Simple Songs (1st album) | 1 Comment

here’s the 2nd track of my collection of octave mandolin tunes. this one is a medley of little lullaby tunes from our family. the first part is actually a composition of Caleb (our 3 year old) who made up this song last year. it’s called “Birdies Fly Away”, and he used to go around singing it in his cute little warbling voice. I’m very proud of his little song, so I wanted to capture it. the 2nd part is an old lullaby called “By Low My Baby” (or however that should be spelled) from when Michelle was a kid. it was apparently on an old record they had, and Michelle’s dad sang it to our kids this summer, and it’s become a nightly requirement ever since. finally, the 3rd part is a little ditty I made up when Caleb was a baby, called “You’re my baby (and I love you)”. I still sing it with the kids now and then. not really a lullaby, but a fun little thing we do. anyway, the last little tag is a bit from the first two parts, and if sung, it would say: “Birdies fly away. all through the night.” for some reason I really like that.

the medley is simple enough, but for some reason I couldnt quite it right when I was trying to record it. I did a bunch of takes and always messed up a little something each time. I guess that’s the trials of recording stuff. so I eventually gave up on getting the perfect take and took the best one and edited it a little. ideally I’d like to have a better version, but it was getting late. I also think I’m playing it a little faster than I should, but I think it otherwise turned out OK.

so here is my Lullaby Medley. as always, feedback is welcome. now on to the next track…perhaps something a little minor.


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  1. You better get Caleb out on the road, dude. He can make you some serious money, not the chump change you’re making now.

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