following Dylan to Iraq

February 16, 2008 at 11:21 pm | Posted in lyrics only, song ideas | Leave a comment

I have a huge respect for Bob Dylan, although it’s mostly second-hand (respect for those who love him), since I havent listened to a whole lot of his stuff. but I’ve been into Buddy Miller lately and he did a great cover of With God On Our Side in his most recent album. in case you’re not familiar, that’s a classic war protest song. it’s actually a lot more than that, but anyway, I was really liking the song, especially since the war in Iraq is getting more and more depressing. not that I have any answers on that topic, but the whole thing makes me sad, to say the least. so I was inspired to write a new verse for Bob’s song. not surprisingly I’m not the only one to have this idea. here’s someone else’s crack at it (which I personally find lacking in various ways, but I gotta give credit for a good shot at it).

anyway, here’s my verse. if I ever have a chance to sing it somewhere, I’d probably leave out some of the early verses (it’s a long song) and stick this 3rd-to-last. as noted in this good article, the last 2 verses are what makes this song special. not that my writing is even close to being on par with Bob’s, but here’s my hack at it:

Now we’re stuck in the desert,
There’s sand in our eyes.
But no one found the weapons
That we’re supposed to find.
There’s no one to tell me
Why we let these bombs fly.
Now we’re starting to wonder
If God’s on our side.


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