guitar breakthrough

February 20, 2008 at 2:40 pm | Posted in learning | Leave a comment

a while ago when I first picked up the bass guitar I took right to it. lots of fun and not too hard to play. it didnt take too long to find a cheap old electric guitar to jam on, and my friend Andrew (of Infradig fame) taught me the pentatonic (blues) scale. when I was bored in class I’d map it out in the margins of my notebook, and eventually I knew the whole thing up the neck in any key. it’s good fun, but I dont play blues stuff much.

so a handful of chords and the blues scale has been pretty much all I know on guitar for a long time. I’ve known that the basics of the blues scale can work for non-blues stuff if it’s shifted up the neck to the right spot, but I could never figure it out, and would always forget to look it up.

well yesterday I was messing around with one of my favorite songs (all my tears) and I stumbled on how and where to apply the scales I know (with slight adjustments) to non-blues (major key) kinda stuff. now, in theory, I can play lead stuff on guitar pretty much like I do on mandolin. which ultimately may not be saying a whole lot, but it does expand my horizons by a large factor. I think mando will always be home for me, but being better on the guitar is always a good thing.


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