Paralyzed – first draft

February 21, 2008 at 1:52 pm | Posted in song ideas, songs with words | Leave a comment

yesterday we read the story of Jesus healing the paralytic. so in the vein of The Shepherd’s Song, I attempted to write a narrative song imagining it from the guy’s perspective. it still needs work, and in fact I’ve changed it some already from this draft, but here’s the first draft:

update: here’s a rough draft recording (complete with various mistakes).

it’s been 31 years since last I could walk
31 years to the day
I’ve been sitting here waiting for help
but just pennies get thrown my way
the doctors gave up with a shrug and a smile
the preachers now all look away
after 31 years of crawling around
I nearly forgot how to pray
when they told bout a new preacher in town
I said I’ll sit this one out
but the crowds and the news convinced the guys
to pick me up off the ground
I knew he’d be just like all the rest
but they said this guy’s for real
he made the old blind lady see
so let’s see if your legs will heal

we got to the house where he was at
but there’s too many folks around
so I said thanks but bring me home
and put me back on the ground

but they were sure he’d fix me up
just like he’d done before
so they hauled me upstairs and on the roof
and started tearing toward the floor

the preaching stopped and people stared
I was sure they’d send us away
but the guys lifted me up and lowered me down
and I wasnt quite sure what to say

the crowd got quiet and the preacher just smiled
and he looked at me like a good friend
then he said “I forgive all your sins”
which I didnt quite comprehend

I’d come to be healed and he’s talkin bout sins
and the crowd started buzzing again
did this preacher believe he was God
but then he lifted up his hand?

“what’s easier?” he said, “to forgive or to heal?
but so you’ll know I’ve come to forgive,
stand up, take your mat and go home” he commanded
and my dead legs they started to live

so I ran home singing, rejoicing in God
with the guys and the crowd all amazed
my legs and my heart had both been renewed
and we cant stop singing his priase

after 31 years new life I’ve been given
thanks to the faith of my friends
and the mercy and love of God’s Son come from heaven
whose praises we’ll sing without end

I’ve figured out the basics of a tune/chord structure, and it has 3 different parts much like the Shepherd’s Song. I’m not sure I like this one or not, as I think I like songs that are less directly narrative than this. I guess I feel like it’s not quite poetic enough. I think this is too long too, and the language is forced at times. and I’m not sure about the style of the narrator’s voice. but I’m glad I did it, and I’ll be glad to keep working on it.

I’m definitely in a phase where I feel like I HAVE to create stuff. I’ve never really been here before, but I like it. ultimately I have no idea if my stuff will be all that great, but right now I’m not too worried about that. I’m enjoying putting stuff down and learning how to do it as I go.


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