Everything’s New – Rev. 21

March 17, 2008 at 2:33 pm | Posted in church music, song ideas, songs with words | Leave a comment

Yesterday in church Cal preached on Palm Sunday, and he referenced Revelation 21. So as we read some of that, verse 5 caught my eye, as it read like a little song lyric. So I started there and found that I couldnt stop, so “Everything’s New” is the result so far: 

Everything’s New
Capo 4

1. (G) Write this down, it’s (C) tried and it’s (G) true
(G) Jesus is making (D) everything new
2. New (G) heaven and earth, and (C) no more (G) sea
(G) God sends down His (D) holy (G) city
3. (C) He’s coming again, this (G) time to (D) stay
(C) Death is dead, (A7) tears wiped (D) away
4. (G) Everything’s done, the (C) last and (G) first
(G) Come to the well, (D) quench your (G) thirst
5. (G) No temple, just the (C) Lord and (G) Lamb, no
(G) sun nor moon, his (D) glory’s the lamp
6. (G) Gates are open, (C) never a (G) night
(G) Bring your praises, (D) dance in the (G) light
7. (C) No room for sins, or (G) those who (D) deceive
(C) Just the Lamb’s, are (A7) His (D) eternally
8. (G) Are you the Lamb’s, His (C) beautiful (G) wife?
(G) Is your name in the (D) book of (G) life?

Repeat 1, 3, 8

a couple thoughts on this one: I had a bit of a blues riff in my head while working on this one, but we’ll see what tune comes out of this when I get the chance. I tried to stick with the text pretty closely, but some of it is rearranged. it’s mostly Rev 21:1-6;22-27. I was trying to find a chorus for it, but perhaps it’ll work without one? we’ll see as I keep working on it.

update: here’s a rough version of the tune. I’ve been messing with this guitar bit for a while and I like the progress I’m making, but this recording is definitely a rough draft.


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