Tear it down

March 18, 2008 at 4:10 pm | Posted in song ideas, songs with words | 2 Comments

I’m on a roll and having a good time with it. today I wanted to eat lunch outside but it was a little cold, so I ate in our big lunch area which looks over the destruction site of the old EPB building. it’s pretty cool to watch, since they’re not blowing it up, they’re taking it apart with a big old digger. so here’s some thoughts inspired by that:

update: Here’s a draft of the tune. I’m happy to report it sounds somewhat like a Gillian song, if I do say so myself (and so does Michelle).

Tear it down
When the wall came down
It gave a mighty groan
Dust and dirt all ’round 
Exposing steel and stone
An old brick building
Eight stories tall
Piece by piece they’ve come
To make it fall  
Tear it down, tear it down
Cant keep the old around
There’s no room in this town
So tear it down.
There’s machines and men
Come to tear away
What machines and men
Built back in the day
Got a new one now
It’s just four blocks down
Nine stories high
Finest site in town
Take it down to dirt
You knew it wouldnt last
We’ve no further use
For relics of the past
Leave no trace behind
Pave it over, all black
Sometimes to move ahead
We’ve got to turn our back

this is a different one for me in that it’s not really personal. and it’s not really trying to make much of a statement, although perhaps there’s a little something peaking out there. I was going to go with the “tear down my sinfulness” kinda metaphor, but I think leaving it just as a story works better.



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  1. Too funny…when can we hear the recording???

  2. Just heard it at your link, that is great!

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