March 19, 2008 at 2:25 pm | Posted in church music, lyrics only, song ideas | 1 Comment

this one is inspired by the recent(?) phenomenon of churches moving into old grocery stores and such:


Is this a church, is this a store?
Can’t tell the difference anymore.
Used to come for milk and bread
Now they serve grape juice instead

Come on in, it’s on the self
Get you want, come help yourself
Come sit back, it’s what you know:
Big screen, dim lights, enjoy the show

What do you want? Why are you here?
To give yourself a little cheer?
If you came here for some help
You better look beyond yourself
Jesus cleared the house of prayer
Threw the salesmen out
We’re selling in the market’s place
Convinced that we’re devout


I’m inspired by the songs of Derek Webb who has a whole album of songs about and to the church, most of which is pretty hard-hitting.

this one is obviously a little more heavy-handed than other stuff I’ve done. I dont like the consumerism that’s creeping in the church, and in some cases it seems to dominate. I know it’s deeply ingrained in our culture and in myself. I dearly love the church and long to see it more and more lovely.

anyway, considering such things, I kinda get a kick out of the irony of moving a church into an old supermarket, even while I lament our consumer attitude.


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  1. Lol funny, the store i work in now used to be a church…

    if you like supermarket stories and grocery related things come to for a laugh of life behind the checkstand.


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