Hobo Hotel

March 20, 2008 at 8:37 pm | Posted in Chattanooga, song ideas, songs with words | Leave a comment

today’s edition is inspired by recent events in local politics, which you can read a little about here.

Here’s a rough-draft mp3

Hobo Hotel
Tell me good sir where can I go
I aint got nowhere, nothing to show
For all of those years at war and beyond
So I sit here and ask, please who will respond?
“Let’s build us a park, a hobo hotel
You’ll have a warm bed and warm food as well
Folks will come here from miles all around
Just vote now for me, mayor for this town”
A hobo hotel, a hobo hotel
The mayor will build us a hobo hotel
A hobo hotel, a hobo hotel
So all will be fine and all will be well
Oh kind sir that sounds really good,
But I’m not quite sure that I’ve understood
Explain to me please as clear as you can
How this will work, sir, what is your plan?
“Well each man needs his own legacy
Something to tell the grandkids you see
The details might take a little more time
But trust me and know it’ll turn out just fine”
OK fine sir I will take your word
But I’m wondering now if it has occurred
To you that I do not really know how
I’ll be eating my next meal right now
“The food will come by the truckload each day
And beds will be ready for the tired to stay
We’ll buy this small field with taxpayer money
No need for a plan, just please vote for me”


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