The Final Score

March 27, 2008 at 2:16 pm | Posted in lyrics only | 2 Comments

as inspired by this article

The Final Score (tune idea: verses really fast paced, almost spoken (like Dylan’s “Subterranean…”)

will you turn off the TV
long enough to see
that this isnt a game?
we might be to blame.
count the cost of the war
(it’s not about the final score).
5 years, 4000 dead.
how many tears must be shed?
can you tell me how long
until we can admit we are wrong?
gone are 4000 lives
and thats just one side.
tell me what we got
besides the world pissed off?
did you know the parent’s sins
can come to visit on the kids?
sure we got our man
but didnt have a plan
for the rest of the time.
so tell me is it a crime
to base a war on a lie?
now how many curse the sky?




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  1. Nice! I like it very much! …though I don’t think we DID get our man, did we? (we might have taken out Saddam, who WAS a bad guy, but bin Laden was the guy who attacked us…)

  2. thanks. I suppose you’re right, but I was basing that on the idea that GW started the war to finish what his daddy started.

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