new aspirations

March 28, 2008 at 9:40 am | Posted in aspirations | Leave a comment

so I’ve been cranking out a lot of songs lately, and as my usual disclaimer goes, I’m not sure if they’re much good, but I’m having a good time with it. there’s a few that I actually like a lot, but who knows if in the grand scheme they’ll hold up. I try not to worry too much about that.

anyway, all these songs have started me thinking about playing them out sometime. I think it would be fun to do a little house concert sometime soon and maybe see if that leads somewhere. I’m also wanting to take my favorite original songs and make a better album with them. it would still be home-made just like my Simple Songs was, but I’d like to get better than rough drafts. then maybe I could use that as a demo CD to see if that can get me playing somewhere.

I’m sure I’m a ways from such things, but I think it would be cool to play something like Rhythm and Noon or the Chattanooga Market (if it comes back). perhaps not, but I’d think that my little collection of Chattanooga-themed songs would be appropriate for such things. it’s fun to dream but I’m not sure I’ve got it in me to play around town a whole lot, since my time these days is pretty limited. of course all this assumes my stuff would resonate with an audience, and who knows if it will? so who knows. but I’m enjoying the process and trust that God will lead this little journey. maybe it’ll just look like me playing on the bridge and such now and then, and I’m pretty sure that would be cool with me.

as I’ve been thinking about some of this stuff, I realize there’s a lot to be desired in my guitar skills especially. and my vocals too for that matter. I guess that leaves the biggest strength as the songs themselves, which may or may not be received well. I think things have come together quickly recently with my guitar playing, but there’s a lot more there obviously.

so I’m getting a Norman Blake instructional DVD, and I’m rather excited about it. I love his songwriting and playing style these days. always interesting, comfortable, staying with the melody and just plain solid. so hopefully I can glean some stuff from that and make some strides to become more than a mandolin player who also plays guitar. as for vocals, I would like to get a little voice training some day but that’s probably not happening particularly soon. oh and not to mention learning how to read music with the mandolin, but that’s probably for next year.

anyway, I’m still cranking out songs. I’m assuming this will slow down eventually, but I’m still enjoying it.


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