St. Elmo Home

March 28, 2008 at 2:48 pm | Posted in Chattanooga, songs with words | 1 Comment

listening to Norman Blake today, and he’s got a happy homey song called Seaboard Airline Rag that inspired me to write about my home. I had his tune in my head when I put this down. by the way, the “Lookout Town” reference is what the Cherokee called it when they first settled the area.

St. Elmo Home – draft mp3 here

I live in the shadow of the mountain
1/2 a mile from the Georgia line
in a little neighborhood
treats me so good
founded eighteen-eighty-five
come spring the trees are in full bloom
cherry and pear so fine
when the wind blows
it looks like snow
with the flowers that fill the sky
call it Lookout Town
call it St. Elmo
call it Chattanooga
I dont mind
whatever you call this little old place
I’ll call it home sweet home of mine

we got ourselves a little history
got an incline railroad too
an amazing mile
will bring a smile
beautiful smokey mount view
got all kinds of folks round here
all colors both old and young
try to get along
‘cuz we all belong
every nation tribe and tounge


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  1. This sounds like Chattanooga-happy and kind of down home. Your music matches your words.

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