May 20, 2008 at 3:04 pm | Posted in family, octave mando, songs with words | Leave a comment

Here’s a song for Michelle. I’ve got the tune (with the octave), just need to record a decent version. it’s a reflection on what we’ve been learning about our marriage recently. still needs some refinement, but here it is:

here’s a rough demo mp3

you’re my mystery
I thought I could see
I thought I had it all figured out

you’re my mystery
I see that I cant see
I thought that all these little thing would add up to a lot

now I dont know just how to love you
when once I thought I did
I’m not sure how much I know you
but now I know:
you’re my mystery 

I’m your mystery
I want you to see
you’ll never have me all figured out

I’m your mystery
And I hope you see
my heart is yours and hoping you’ll unlock it with your key
you may not know just how to love me
I’m praying that you’ll try
you may not know how much you know me
but now you know:
I’m your mystery

I’m praying for some grace and mercy
my heart it needs new eyes
to see your true eternal beauty
and so we know:
we’re a mystery



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