Be My Nancy

May 21, 2008 at 9:47 pm | Posted in song ideas, songs with words | 2 Comments

here’s a song that’s a bit of a tribute to Norman and Nancy Blake, a legendary husband and wife guitar/mandolin duo. it’s also a little about marriage and how much I love making music and living life together. this is just a draft that could use a lot of editing and perhaps some consolidation and additions.

here’s a rough demo mp3

Be My Nancy

I’ll be your Norman, if you’ll be my Nancy
I’ll pick out a simple tune, nothing all too fancy
If I try the melody
Will you sing sweet harmony?
If I’ll be your Norman, will you be my Nancy?

Will you play a steady beat?
Sweet runs voiced in a different key.
Pick out notes that intertwine
Two hearts, one song: that’s oh-so-fine

We can sing some happy songs
About our little home where we belong
Or maybe a tune about long ago
When things were simple and life was slow

I might never pick too good
But honey I hope it’s understood
That if you’re playing by my side
Sweet music rings out far and wide



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  1. Yes! I’ll be your Nancy, at least I’ll try! I love singing with you and love life with you huns.

  2. Very nice song–I like it.

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