getting back into it

August 21, 2008 at 12:45 pm | Posted in aspirations | Leave a comment

preparation for travels, travels, and post-travels definitely slowed down the music stuff for me this summer. and I miss it badly. I’m finally getting back into stuff. I even wrote a goofy song for a talent show here at work, which I’ll post soon. anyway, I really really want to get work on my next project, and hopefully I’ll find/make time to do it. meanwhile, a few things have been going on:

the trip to Ireland was great. having Cal exposed to modern worship music may be a good door opening for some incremental changes at church. we’ll see.

I really like playing with Joe Ridolfo. we did a song for church when I got back. it’s so easy to jam with him, and he paid me a very high complement, saying I have a lot of potential as a songwriter.

Caleb and I went to the “slow jam” of the local celtic session. he seemed to enjoy himself on his little bodhran, and I played along with the OM. I find myself not interested in learning melodies, but rather doing runs and counter-point (if that’s the right term here) that add texture.

Michelle helped out Stephen Nichols with a project a little while ago, and the result is here. she was one of the backup singers. very cool!

I’ve been reading “Sing a New Song” by David Montgomery. much of it is a call to contemporary songwriters to take up the challenge of writing new (good) hymns. I would love to, but so far I havent had much success. I think I just need to step out and try some stuff.

finally, I just found a good post from a friend (actually brother)-of-a-friend about songwriting.


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