We Had Love

August 21, 2008 at 12:49 pm | Posted in song ideas | Leave a comment

so there’s a talent show here at work, and I figured I might try one of my songs. then they said it was 70s-themed, and I reconsidered. but then I was “inspired” to write a goofy song about the 70s here in Chattanooga, so here’s the result. I doubt I’ll get far in the talent contest, as the other folks have very good voices doing popular songs, but it’ll still be fun to do.

We Had Love – By Bob Wiegers (for the “Unum’s Got Talent – 70s edition” show)

rough demo mp3 here

The 70s weren’t too kind
to Chattanooga, no peace of mind,
just smog and soot to burn your eyes.
We’re moving back, falling behind.
Don’t go downtown theres too much crime,
and even worse, they shut down the choo-choo line.
But we had LOVE, we had love, yeah we had love.(repeat)
In ’73 there came a time
the powers that had they realized
it was high time to clean the skies.
Maybe procure the tourist’s dime
so they took the closed down choo-choo line
and built a hotel that was oh-so-fine.
Meanwhile before it was UP,
before it was Unum for you and me
a heavenly name had graced this place.
The McClellans you know they worked real hard
selling insurance out in the coal yards
for God, for profit, for you and me.


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