progress on 2nd album

September 17, 2008 at 3:10 pm | Posted in aspirations, Context (2nd album) | Leave a comment

for my 2nd home-made album, I’m doing my songs-with-words, and so far I’m calling it “Context”. I’ve pretty much decided on the track listing (at least 10 songs, maybe 12 if I can get them up to par), and I’ve recorded 5 of them so far. the album cover will probably be in the vein of the first one. I’ve even written some brief “liner notes”:

“Context” is a collection of songs about the things close to my heart: family, home and faith. This is a completely hand-made and home-made collection, done very simply in every way. I am not here to impress you with clever or obscure language, or fanciful guitar and mandolin work, but I do hope to simply sing a story in a pleasing way. So here you have songs about falling in love with my wife and kids, songs about Chattanooga (new and old, good and bad), and songs based on classic Bible stories. I have certainly enjoyed making these songs, and I hope you enjoy hearing them.

I’ve got extra motivation to finish it soon as there’s a potential show in town that wants a demo CD to see if they want me. so we’ll see how much I get done.


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