Senator Norris and the TVA

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this one was inspired by this article

Senator Norris and the TVA

Young and old come gather ’round
Hear how the TVA came to be found
Long before the New Deal was assured
Good Senator Norris fought one Henry Ford

Down in Alabama, town of Muscle Shoals
The president was selling, the story is told,
The Wilson Dam, and it almost got sold
To old Henry Ford, whose plan was quite bold.

The folks in the Valley started to dream
that soon they’d wipe out all poverty
They saw grand visions of fortune and fame
Detroit of the south would soon be their name

But to Senator Norris it didn’t make sense
No good for the people or their government
So he told old Henry and his pal Edison
Your profiteering here isn’t welcome

So the poor Wilson Dam had nowhere to go
And anger flared up at old Muscle Shoals
The Alabama Ghost it soon became known
But Senator Norris had a plan of his own

But with President Coolidge the plan went aground
And then later Hoover voted it down
But times had changed when FDR came
And brought to the people the great TVA

Build it for the people
The rivers command
Control all the floods
Bring power to the land


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