another Christmas song

November 6, 2008 at 3:56 pm | Posted in song ideas, songs with words | 1 Comment

it so happens that my Shepherd’s Song is one of my favorites, and I’m pretty excited about doing it in church this Advent season. I wasnt really planning on writing another Christmas song, but we read the Christmas story with the kids last night. also, Michelle is 8 months preggo, so I was joking about her riding a donkey in such a state (she was on the couch because sitting at the dinner table used up all her energy). which got me to thinkin a little, so here’s this work in progress (tune a little something like Kasey Chambers “Rattlin Bones”):

She’s Singin a Song – by Bob Wiegers – 10/6/08

Rough demo MP3 here

9 months pregnant and we’re far from home
me and my love wander down the road
got no friends, got no plan
got nobody who can understand

the pains been coming since morning light
gotta find some shelter from the cold of night
but there aint no room, their aint no bed
aint no place for her weary head

but there’s joy in her eyes, she’s singing a song
now she knows that it wont be long
till she holds his hand, looks in his eyes:
her little boy is God with us

we found a cave with some ox and cows
started a fire and chased them out
in the dirt and hay I laid her down
water and blood spilled on the ground

she cried out in pain the whole night thru
I hadnt a clue what I should do
so I held her hand and started to pray
singing a song to drive my fears away


through pain and blood she delivered her son
his cries pierced the dark as his life begun
she wrapped him up and held him tight
sang him a song til the morning light



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  1. Listened to this at breakfast this morning

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