prater’s mill report

February 22, 2010 at 9:19 am | Posted in song ideas | Leave a comment

I never did give a report on our experience at the Prater’s Mill Country Fair last fall. it was a good time to play with Michelle and Mitch, and I think we started to sound pretty good if I dont say so myself. the audience was small but appreciative, and I’m glad we got the experience of playing out at something like that.

my favorite aspect of doing the show was actually preparing for the show. with a bunch of little kids in the house, its hard to make time to make music together, so having a show to prepare for really made us work to get it together. I was pretty happy with the harmonies we figured out, and Mitch was especially sounding good on the harmonica on a bunch of the songs. if I had more time I would have liked to  figure out more guitar breaks and such, but we kept it pretty simple. we ended up not having a bass player, which would have added a lot, but we got by without it.

so I’m glad we did the show, but at this point in our lives we’re not too eager to do too much of this kind of thing. right now I feel like its a good time to work on songs for church and write songs as they come, but the time and energy required for playing out doesnt seem to realistic at this point. but its good to know that if and when we do have time that its something we can enjoy together, and of course bring others enjoyment with what we can offer.


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