Wintersong songwriters workshop

February 22, 2010 at 10:04 am | Posted in song ideas | 1 Comment

This past weekend I was able to participate in Wintersong, a songwriting workshop here in Chattanooga. first of all many thanks to Michelle for spending another day “on the job” with 3.5 kids so I could take all day to go to this. she was kinda sick and very tired, so I’m thankful she would sacrifice for me.

anyway, it was good to have the creative juices re-energized. there was good instruction about the basics of songwriting form, some good stuff about mixing up melodies with different modes and such, some really good brainstorming-type exercises, and other good stuff about “thinking like a songwriter”. as usual in such things it was nice to meet new folks, and perhaps some relationships can continue. I got some encouraging feedback from my “Be My Nancy” song, and perhaps someone who can get the song to Norman and Nancy themselves, so we’ll see what may come out of all this.

if nothing else I am re-inspired to put energy into songwriting, but with so many other good and necessary things going on in life, we’ll see how much that happens right now.


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  1. Hey Bob!!
    Just wanted to tell you that I LOVED your “Be My Nancy” song!!

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