“Hidden Place” by Sandra McCracken

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some songs just make me stop in my tracks and listen intently, like watching a beautiful and mysterious bird sing its little heart out, while (if you’ll forgive a little melodrama) perhaps a tear is shed for the sheer loveliness of it all.

songs like “Hidden Place” by Sandra McCracken (whose new album will be released shortly, and I highly recommend you go get it here). and if a tear may be shed for the beauty of the music, when the emotions of the poetry are thrown in, all bets are off. even so, few songs can make me cry (like Sufjan’s version of “Holy Holy Holy”, and his “Casimir Pulaski Day”, as well as the last verse of “In Christ Alone”, and some Edgar Meyer stuff if I’m in the right mood).

of course this particular song hit me and Michelle at the exact right time. we’re pregnant with our 4th child (in case you haven’t heard!), and she hasn’t felt well at all for most of the year. while thankful for the untold blessing of another baby, we haven’t done particularly well with her feeling sick and tired most of the time.  right on the heels of a really good year of God working on us and through us at our little church and neighborhood, we’ve lately been experiencing the chaos and loneliness of “survival mode.” yet it is true that God uses the hard times to really teach us, and I’ve been learning more and more about my great need for Him at all times, and how unconditional His love in Jesus is.

but I came here to talk about a song. listen to it here: http://www.newoldhymns.com/in-feast-or-fallow/hidden-place/ in a blurb accompanying it, the songwriter says it is “…maybe one of the most personal that I have ever recorded…[written] 10 days before my daughter was born…”

one thing this lovely little song showed me is that amidst all the relational chaos and God pruning us in various ways, I’ve neglected to treasure this latest blessing. grounded firmly and based loosely on Psalm 22:9-10, the song “touches on all the wonder, the waiting, the amazing privilege it is to carry this little one, the amazing gift and favor of God it is to have children” (if Michelle doesn’t mind me quoting her).

so, while I was at work listening and shedding a discreet tear, Michelle was home listening and openly crying, for the joy that is growing in our hearts and her belly. “Who am I to have known such favor?”

thank you Ms. McCracken for opening our ears to hear.

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