jam night

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one nice thing about the guitar class I took is the jam night that’s flowed from it. it started with me and another guy who lives here in our neighborhood, just swapping songs we’ve written and hanging out. now it’s whoever would like to come and pick a little, so if you’re around here let me know if you’d like to join us.


Wintersong songwriters workshop

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This past weekend I was able to participate in Wintersong, a songwriting workshop here in Chattanooga. first of all many thanks to Michelle for spending another day “on the job” with 3.5 kids so I could take all day to go to this. she was kinda sick and very tired, so I’m thankful she would sacrifice for me.

anyway, it was good to have the creative juices re-energized. there was good instruction about the basics of songwriting form, some good stuff about mixing up melodies with different modes and such, some really good brainstorming-type exercises, and other good stuff about “thinking like a songwriter”. as usual in such things it was nice to meet new folks, and perhaps some relationships can continue. I got some encouraging feedback from my “Be My Nancy” song, and perhaps someone who can get the song to Norman and Nancy themselves, so we’ll see what may come out of all this.

if nothing else I am re-inspired to put energy into songwriting, but with so many other good and necessary things going on in life, we’ll see how much that happens right now.

Hole in my Heart (finally, a new song)

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in 2008 I wrote a bunch of songs pretty much all at once. I started this “music journal” to keep track of stuff, and everything was lovely. but then for some reason I didnt write songs for a good while, even though I was trying. I guess the inspiration left, or I was distracted, or my creativity killed by stuff I wont go into now, or who-knows-what.

but last fall some friends were going through a rough time, and my heart was breaking for them. I needed to find a way to express what I felt, and I knew that I had to write a song. so I wrote a little song called “Hole in my Heart”

Listen: Hole in my Heart by Bob Wiegers

they say in heaven there’s no more tears
but if you dont mind I’ll shed a few here
not because I dont know where you are
but now that you’re gone there’s a hole in my heart

I cry tears of sorrow
for the hole in this heart
hope feels so hollow
now we’re apart

they say in heaven there’s no more tears
but now that you’re gone I’ll shed a few here

Jesus come
heal all these wounds
or if you won’t now
carry us home

Lord use these tears
to wash out my soul
the pain I cant bear
so come make us whole

guitar class

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this past fall I was able to take in a flatpicking guitar class at Folk School of Chattanooga, which was great! I took the Guitar II class with Matt Evans, who is a very capable and friendly teacher. there were 4 of us in the class so we got to know each other a bit, and some of us are still getting together to jam on a regular basis. I’ve always wanted to learn how to flatpick melodies on the guitar, and I definitely learned that, so know I’m confident that I can learn tunes and (eventually) pick them pretty well.

prater’s mill report

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I never did give a report on our experience at the Prater’s Mill Country Fair last fall. it was a good time to play with Michelle and Mitch, and I think we started to sound pretty good if I dont say so myself. the audience was small but appreciative, and I’m glad we got the experience of playing out at something like that.

my favorite aspect of doing the show was actually preparing for the show. with a bunch of little kids in the house, its hard to make time to make music together, so having a show to prepare for really made us work to get it together. I was pretty happy with the harmonies we figured out, and Mitch was especially sounding good on the harmonica on a bunch of the songs. if I had more time I would have liked to  figure out more guitar breaks and such, but we kept it pretty simple. we ended up not having a bass player, which would have added a lot, but we got by without it.

so I’m glad we did the show, but at this point in our lives we’re not too eager to do too much of this kind of thing. right now I feel like its a good time to work on songs for church and write songs as they come, but the time and energy required for playing out doesnt seem to realistic at this point. but its good to know that if and when we do have time that its something we can enjoy together, and of course bring others enjoyment with what we can offer.

been a while…

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obviously I havent posted here in a while. a quick recap of the last few months would mostly involve family life and church stuff, and not so much songwriting or performing. I am still doing music at church however and I’m thankful I can do a little there. perhaps I’ll resurrect this spot since I’ve been thinking more about songwriting again.

I was able to take in a flatpicking guitar class at Folk School of Chattanooga, which was great! and I just did a songwriting workshop which was also a good time, so hopefully things can get going again.

I aint on the good list

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here’s a santa-inspired song. I was up in the middle of the night with a head cold, and somehow the first line came to mind and stayed there until I got this down:

I aint on the good list – by Bob Wiegers – 12/1/2008 – tune: the usual campfire kinda thing

I aint on the good list this year
I have caused many a tear
So big guy dont check me twice
This heart’s been as cold as ice
No I aint on the good list this year

I aint on the good list this year
I done too much cussing, I fear
if you can see into my soul
back up that big rig full of coal
cuz I aint on the good list this year

I aint on the good list this year
things arent always how they appear
my heart has wandered to and fro
so can you make it white as snow
cuz I aint on the good list this year

I aint on the good list this year
you dont make exceptions, that’s clear
next year I’ll do what I should
but right now I’m not very good
so I aint on the good list this year

another Christmas song

November 6, 2008 at 3:56 pm | Posted in song ideas, songs with words | 1 Comment

it so happens that my Shepherd’s Song is one of my favorites, and I’m pretty excited about doing it in church this Advent season. I wasnt really planning on writing another Christmas song, but we read the Christmas story with the kids last night. also, Michelle is 8 months preggo, so I was joking about her riding a donkey in such a state (she was on the couch because sitting at the dinner table used up all her energy). which got me to thinkin a little, so here’s this work in progress (tune a little something like Kasey Chambers “Rattlin Bones”):

She’s Singin a Song – by Bob Wiegers – 10/6/08

Rough demo MP3 here

9 months pregnant and we’re far from home
me and my love wander down the road
got no friends, got no plan
got nobody who can understand

the pains been coming since morning light
gotta find some shelter from the cold of night
but there aint no room, their aint no bed
aint no place for her weary head

but there’s joy in her eyes, she’s singing a song
now she knows that it wont be long
till she holds his hand, looks in his eyes:
her little boy is God with us

we found a cave with some ox and cows
started a fire and chased them out
in the dirt and hay I laid her down
water and blood spilled on the ground

she cried out in pain the whole night thru
I hadnt a clue what I should do
so I held her hand and started to pray
singing a song to drive my fears away


through pain and blood she delivered her son
his cries pierced the dark as his life begun
she wrapped him up and held him tight
sang him a song til the morning light


Chris Thile and Edgar Meyer show

October 22, 2008 at 8:18 am | Posted in song ideas | 1 Comment

Had a good time at the Thile/Meyer show last night in Nashville. They played a bunch of stuff from the new record, some Bach, a strange quasi-improvisation, as well as some other stuff like a track off Not All Who Wander…, the Smoothie Song (which got the best in-song crowd reaction), and a track from Short Trip Home (if I recall correctly).

I think they were at their best doing the Bach stuff, as it lacked Chris’s usual musical fits and seizures, which I tend to get real tired of. their non-melodic stuff was interesting and challenging, yet to my tastes I got tired of it. I did enjoy the ethereal stuff like they did for an encore, but the frenetic stuff I cant get into the way I did when I was in college. But when they did get to something that had a little drive or a little melody, it was very, very good, as you would expect.

Anyway, we spotted Bela Fleck and Jerry Douglas in the crowd, and seeing them take their seats got us a little sad, as we were hoping they’d sit in on stage. 

Also, it was good to go with our old friend Scott Anderson, who lives in Nashville and works for the Country Music Hall of Fame. we always have a good time chatting up music stuff, and it was very good to see his family.

Whenever I go to a show, I try to take away a little lesson for myself. Usually it’s along the lines of whether or not what I’m taking in is something I should aspire to. I remember the first and last songs they played were very mellow and ethereal, and I was quite mezmerized, thinking “wow, this is defintely something I want to do.” and I think that I’ve taken a baby step toward that with my “Simple Songs”. That stuff that I do is heavily influenced by Edgar’s stuff like “Short Trip Home” so it was very good to hear stuff like that in person. on the flip side, the crazier stuff reinforced for me that I do NOT want to go there with my own stuff…I’ll be happy with “normal”, thanks, but I’m glad someone is out there pushing the boundaries.

Finally, here’s a link to a low-quality vid of the encore tune:

still the same

October 16, 2008 at 1:31 pm | Posted in family, song ideas | 1 Comment

here’s a song brought on by a running conversation Michelle and I have had over the years, and some of the stuff I’ve been thinking about due to that. most lyrics written with Joe Pug’sHymn 101” (great, great song) in my head, although the first line is completely coincidental (I thought of that last week, before I heard his song). I suppose I’ll have to give it my own tune eventually.

still the same – by Bob Wiegers 

rough demo mp3 here

in 70 years I’ll be 101
if we’re both here will you still be my love?
If I’m old but I’m not wise
and never really realize.
will you still love me if I never change?
even if I’m still the same?

I’m finding I’ve got a lot to learn
and dross that needs to burn.
I can’t do this on my own
shatter my illusions of control
kick all these intentions to the curb
drag my good intentions out to the curb

you know I want another start
purge the darkness in my heart
but this stuff keeps holding on
while we’re looking for the dawn
so will you still love me if I never change?
even if I’m still the same?
even if I’m still the same?

sometimes I’ve got so much to say
but I’m always getting in my own way.
I want to give you all I’ve got
but that dont mean a whole lot.
I wish someone could figure me out
yes I wish I could figure you out.

I’ve heard what the answers should be:
look to Jesus’ love, now and eternally.
but working all these things out
can make me want to cry and shout.
but will you still be my lover and friend
will you be mine until the bitter end?


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